Avide winery dominates an ancient landscape, a land characterised by labyrinthine geometric low dry-stone walls, artistic in their natural design and often in the shadow of carob-trees. All around, in the Comiso area, the Iblean upland stands out with its steep and rustic slopes, its caves, its farms and brushwood . The carob-tree is the distinguishing mark of the territory where the Route of Nero d'Avola and of Cerasuolo di Vittoria wedges in. This is an inspiring itinerary that at a certain point meets Avide winery, established more than a hundred years ago in the midst of stamps and notarial acts, as a result of the Demostene and Calcaterra families' work and passion.


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The historical activity of our winery stems from a past that traces back to a century and a half ago, in 1882, characterized by tenant farming with a background of rubber stamps and notary seals. The vineyards about 70 hectares, are right at the center of heart of D.O.C.G Cerasuolo di Vittoria where, since ever excellent red wines were produced. Continue..